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Engine OS | Wi-Fi Connection Fails with WPA3 Enabled Router

NOVEMBER 30, 2022
Engine OS-enabled devices (Denon DJ Prime series, SC Live series, and Numark Mixstream Pro) are not currently supported for use with WPA3-enabled Wi-Fi networks. Attempting to connect an Engine OS device to a WPA3-enabled network may result in a failed connection. For a secure connection, please connect your Engine OS device to WPA2-enabled Wi-Fi networks. In most cases, the WPA protocol can be changed by accessing your Wi-Fi router settings. Please connect with the manufacturer of your Wi-fi router for more details on accessing and changing your Wi-Fi security protocol.  WPA2/WPA3 Transitional or Mixed Modes Engine OS may be able to connect to Wi-Fi networks set to a WPA2/WPA3 "mixed mode". This will allow each connected device to use the protocol it supports.  In order to use a mixed mode, the PMF (Protected Management Frames) must be set to "optional" status. Engine OS devices will not be able to connect if PMF is enabled. 
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Engine DJ | Tidal Track Download Failed

AUGUST 11, 2022
Some users have reported the uncommon error Track Download Failed. Please sign in to TIDAL to load this track while attempting to access tracks through TIDAL To correct the error, simply log out of TIDAL and re-connect your account to your Engine device: Select OK to close the prompt, then tap on the gear icon at the bottom left of your screen. This will bring up the TIDAL settings. Select LOG OUT, and confirm by selecting YES when prompted. From there, you will select Source > TIDAL and you will then be given a 5-digit code to activate your Engine DJ hardware again. Use your mobile device or computer to open a web browser and visit https://link.tidal.com to enter the 5-digit code displayed on your Engine DJ hardware and click Continue. You may be prompted to log in before getting to the screen pictured below. After logging back into your account, you should now have access to your TIDAL tracks on your Engine DJ hardware.
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Engine DJ | Fixing and Preventing Engine Library Corruption

JUNE 9, 2022
The Engine Library refers to the collection of song in your Engine DJ software on your computer. This article is designed to assist you with identifying and resolving corruption issues with your Engine Library. CONTENTS The Engine Library What is Engine Library? Where is my Engine Library located? How do I backup and restore my Engine Library? Database Corruption What would cause my database to become corrupted? What do I do if my Engine Library becomes corrupted? If the Engine Library on your computer is corrupted: If the Engine Library imported from another software is corrupted: If the Engine Library is corrupted on an External Drive: Advanced database recovery options: The Engine Library What is Engine Library? Engine Library refers to a database on your computer that contains all metadata related to the tracks you use with Engine DJ. You can add tracks stored on the computer’s internal hard drive or an external USB hard drive/flash drive connected to the computer. You can even create databases that span multiple drives. We recommend a database of up to 50,000 tracks to optimize search speeds. Where is my Engine Library located? Windows: C:\Users\[Your Username]\Music\Engine Library Mac: Macintosh HD > Music > Engine Library How do I backup and restore my Engine Library? In the Engine DJ Preferences, under the Library Tab, in the System section, you will see a Library Backup section.  This tool allows you to create a backup of your Engine Library: Click Backup to create a backup of your current library. While the backup is in progress, do not close Engine DJ or shut off your computer. Click Restore to overwrite the current library with the latest backup created. In the window that appears, click Yes to continue or No to return to the previous page. Please note that: A backup is prompted every 7 days upon exit of Engine DJ unless you have already manually updated the backup External drive databases are not backed up as part of this system, only your computer's database will be saved. Database Corruption What would cause my database to become corrupted? There are a number of reasons a database can become corrupt including, but not limited to: Force ejecting a drive (particularly during import, or sync operation) Using third party tools to manipulate database file Switching your device to Standalone Mode before ejecting the drive successfully Storing your drive near magnets Solar Flares What do I do if my Engine Library becomes corrupted? If the Engine Library on your computer is corrupted: Use the Library Backup feature in the Engine DJ settings to Restore your Engine Library from a previous Backup. If you do not have a previously saved Backup, you may still be able to restore your library. First, close Engine DJ. Then, navigating to your music folder and copy the contents of the Engine Library Backup folder into the Engine Library folder. This will restore your collection to the state it was in when your collection was last backed up If the Engine Library imported from another software is corrupted: To resolve issues an imported database, click the refresh button above respective 3rd party library: Once updated, right click the 3rd party library collection, and -import the imported collection into your Engine Library: If the Engine Library is corrupted on an External Drive: To resolve issues with a corrupt library on the external drive, ensure Engine DJ application is closed Navigate to the root directory of the external drive.  On your drive, you will find an Engine Library folder. Delete the Database2 folder located inside the Engine Library folder.  Now you can start up the Engine DJ application again, and use the Sync Manager to resync your external drive. Advanced database recovery options: If are interested in trying to repair a corrupted Engine Library database yourself, the article below can assist you in that process. We highly recommend creating a copy of your .xml file before attempting this process. https://wordpress.semnaitik.com/repair-sqlite-database/ If you feel confident in the processes involved in repairing the database on your own, you may find a high probability of successful in performing a manual repair to the code. However, due to the complexity, level of detail, and time required to complete a database repair at this level, it may not be accessible for all users. Engine DJ cannot assist or provide support in advanced database recovery.    
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Engine DJ | Unable to Connect to Personal Hot Spot from iPhone or iPad

JULY 21, 2022
Engine DJ has recognized a potential issue with connecting an Engine OS device (PRIME series and Mixstream Pro) to WIFI hot spots generated by an iOS device (iPhone or iPad).  This is a known iOS issue that Apple has acknowledged. For anyone unable to connect their device to an Apple hot spot, Apple has shared troubleshooting and workaround instructions available on their support site.  Please follow the link below and refer to the "If you can't connect to Personal Hotspot with Wi-Fi" section for troubleshooting and workaround: If Personal Hotspot is not working on your iPhone or iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular)
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Engine DJ | Access to Dropbox via Engine DJ Hardware

FEBRUARY 9, 2022
Engine DJ is aware of an issue preventing Engine DJ hardware from connecting to Dropbox.  Update: Firmware update v2.1.2 has been released to fix the Dropbox connection errors. If you have been experiencing difficulty connecting with Dropbox from your Engine DJ hardware, please ensure you are on firmware version v2.1.2 or higher.  All current Engine DJ device firmware can be downloaded from the link below. For update instructions, please visit our update guide, here.  https://enginedj.com/downloads
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macOS | Engine DJ Sync Manager is greyed out or drives cannot be accessed

FEBRUARY 3, 2022
macOS users may notice that the Engine DJ Sync Manager is unavailable or greyed out when they go to sync files with their drive. Or, they may either have no access to any functions within the sync manager or are unable to access any connected drives.  As is common these days, macOS security options are evolving and the Engine software may need to be enabled permission to access your hard disk and/or external drives before any files can be transferred. If this is not done when prompted during installation (options could have also changed during an OS update), it's easy to go into the macOS system settings and update the permissions.  Navigate to the Apple menu (top-left corner of the screen) > System Preferences Select Security & Privacy, then click the Privacy tab at the top On the left side of the window, find and select Files and Folders. You should then see Engine DJ in the right-side of the window. Click the lock in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen and enter your password before you can make any changes. Once unlocked, place a check in the boxes for Removable Volumes and Desktop Folder beneath Engine DJ. Click the lock again to save your changes. Restart Engine DJ and you should now have full access to the Engine DJ Sync Manager and your external drives. 
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PRIME 2 | Crossfader does not respond after updating the firmware

MARCH 21, 2022
Earlier versions of the Engine DJ OS included a crossfader enable/disable setting in the Control Center. However, because the PRIME 2 also features a physical crossfader assign switch on the front, the internal setting was removed in Engine DJ OS v2.1.0.  If the crossfader is disabled in the Control Center prior to performing the update, the crossfader will be stuck in a disabled state.  To correct this, a previous iteration of the Engine DJ OS will need to be installed on the device and the state of the crossfader will need to be changed before upgrading back to the latest Engine OS. Navigate to enginedj.com/downloads and download Engine DJ OS version 2.0, 2.0.1, or 2.0.2 from the list. For your convenience, you can use the links below to download v2.0.2 for the PRIME 2: PRIME 2 v2.0.2 - Windows PRIME 2 v2.0.2 - Mac PRIME 2 v2.0.2 - USB Install the earlier Engine OS. For instructions, please visit the link below: How to Update Engine DJ OS Power on the PRIME 2 and navigate to the Control Center by pressing and holding the View button or swiping down from the toolbar. Tap the X Fader button to enable it. The crossfader is enabled when the icon on the screen is lit up. Once enabled, simply power off the PRIME 2 and update back to the latest Engine DJ OS. The latest version will be available at enginedj.com/downloads. The crossfader should now be functional again. To disable the crossfader in Engine DJ OS v2.1.0 or higher, set both crossfader assign switches on the front to "Thru".
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Engine DJ | Troubleshooting Apple Music/iTunes library import

OCTOBER 18, 2022
When Engine DJ is reading from iTunes/Apple Music, it is reading from an XML file which is backup system iTunes/AM created for its own database, which allows third-party software (like Engine DJ) to read your iTunes/AM library. If, for whatever reason, this XML gets corrupted by AM or is out of date, you may see such issues like incorrect date added tags, missing files, new files not showing up when added to your iTunes/AM library etc. It is possible that you will have music in your iTunes/AM library that might not appear in Engine DJ. This could be due to a corrupt iTunes/AM XML database. If this happens, what we can do is create a fresh iTunes/Apple Music Library.XML file by following the steps below. 1. Open your default 'Music' folder. 2. Open your 'iTunes' or 'Apple Music' folder. 3. Drag the 'iTunes Music Library.xml' file to your desktop. Open Engine DJ desktop on your computer, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner to bring up the settings menu, select Library and confirm Apple Music Library is ON under Integration. Close the settings menu and click on the Apple Music logo to the left of your screen and then click Update. This should import the brand new XML for use with Engine DJ.  If exporting a new XML file for your Apple Music library does not work, please contact technical support for further assistance. 
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Engine Desktop 3.0 | Dropbox files missing

APRIL 11, 2023
Due to recent changes made in Dropbox, users will likely experience issues with missing files in Engine Desktop 3.0.  The fix for this is to use the recently released Auto Relocate files feature in Engine DJ.  Simply right-click on one of the missing tracks in your library, then click Auto Relocate All as shown below.  Once the process is complete, the files should be restored. For further technical support, please join live chat during business hours or open a support ticket. 
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Engine Desktop 3.0 | Dropbox files & folders available Online Only

APRIL 11, 2023
Due to recent changes made in Dropbox paid accounts*, users have reported files defaulting to Online Only, making them unusable in Engine DJ.  Dropbox users on Mac will be notified when the change occurs via an on-screen warning. See below.  To correct this, please make sure your Engine Library folder is made available offline. For more information on how to make Dropbox files available offline please click here.  *Users with free Dropbox accounts are not affected. 
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Engine OS | SoundCloud Go +

AUGUST 8, 2023
Engine hardware features incredible streaming capabilities! SoundCloud Go + is one of many options to choose from.  To link your SoundCloud account with your Engine hardware, you need to first subscribe to SoundCloud Go +. Please note: you must subscribe to SoundCloud Go + by visiting soundcloud.com. If you subscribe via the Apple App Store*, your account will be associated with your Apple ID and will not be able to be linked with your Engine hardware. If you have already subscribed via the App Store*, please cancel your subscription and sign up again by visiting soundcloud.com.  Once you have created a SoundCloud Go + account, you can sign in on your Engine hardware.  To sign in, select SOURCE on your Engine hardware, then choose SoundCloud. You will then be given a pairing code to enter by visiting the website shown on the touchscreen of your Engine hardware.  Once you have successfully paired your Engine hardware with your SoundCloud Go + account, you will be ready to DJ! If you need further assistance, please join live chat during business hours or open a support ticket.  *Apple is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries and regions. App Store and iTunes Store are service marks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries and regions.
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Engine OS | Rosetta required on newer versions of Mac OS

AUGUST 31, 2023
Due to recent changes made by Apple, some new Mac computers are shipping without Rosetta pre-installed. This can occur on Macs with Mac OS 13 Ventura installed or when running the Mac OS 14 Sonoma public beta.  Rosetta allows older Intel applications to run on Apple silicon processors(M1,M2). If you attempt to download and install current versions of desktop firmware updaters for Engine OS devices, you may be prompted to install Rosetta in order to proceed with updating your Engine hardware.  You may receive a prompt similar to the one shown below:  Click Install to proceed, then you will be able to run the desktop firmware updaters for Engine OS devices. If you require further assistance, please contact technical support during live chat hours or open a support ticket.
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Engine DJ | Bluetooth Troubleshooting

FEBRUARY 7, 2024
As of Engine DJ 3.4, it is now possible to connect a Bluetooth input device such as a phone, tablet, or computer to the following Engine DJ devices: Denon DJ Prime 4+ Denon DJ Prime GO Denon DJ SC6000/M Denon DJ SC Live 2/4 Numark Mixstream Pro Numark Mixstream Pro + Numark Mixstream Pro GO The following steps can be taken if you are having trouble with your Bluetooth device and your Engine hardware.  I cannot connect my desktop computer(Windows or macOS). Attempt starting the pairing process from the Bluetooth pairing screen on your Denon DJ or Numark hardware first, then navigate to the Bluetooth options on the input device you wish to pair to connect. Transport(playback) controls do not work with my Bluetooth device. Not all Bluetooth devices/audio apps provide support for Bluetooth transport controls and may not provide track information. Please confirm functionality is working with your device before relying on player based transport controls in a live situation. There is no sound coming from my Bluetooth device. Ensure the volume level is turned up on your Bluetooth device and playback is started.  The sound from my Bluetooth device is too quiet. Ensure the volume level is turned up on your Bluetooth device. If sent to a mixer channel, turn up the channel gain to boost the volume level. My Bluetooth device will not automatically connect. Manually pair to your Bluetooth device from the Bluetooth pairing menu. For further assistance, please join live chat during business hours or open a support ticket.
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Engine DJ | TIDAL Login Failed dialog

APRIL 12, 2024
If you have used an Engine DJ profile to log in to your TIDAL streaming service on Engine DJ hardware, you will have been prompted to update your TIDAL subscription tier. Once you have done this, you may encounter the dialog below: Follow the steps below if you are seeing the above dialog: Disconnect TIDAL from your Engine DJ Profile connected services using a web browser. In a web browser, navigate to https://enginedj.com/account/connected-services and log in to your Engine DJ Profile. On your connected services page, click the Disconnect button to the right of the TIDAL service. This will log you out of TIDAL on all Engine DJ hardware. Once you’ve done this, you should see a Connect button - click this to re-connect your TIDAL service to your Engine DJ Profile (you may be prompted to log in to TIDAL). On your Engine DJ Hardware, select TIDAL from the source menu. This will now re-authenticate your TIDAL login for the TIDAL plus DJ extension subscription tier. If you require further assistance, please join live chat during business hours or open a support ticket. 
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