Denon DJ SC6000 display Engine Lighting

Music and lights. One device.

With Engine DJ hardware, you control the entire performance, play the tune you know will get them to the dance floor, then add beat locked lighting effects to create an immersive audio and visual experience. Engine Lighting brings music synchronized light shows and the power of on-the-fly visual effects to your fingertips.

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Automated yet customizable.

What exactly is Engine Lighting by SoundSwitch? It’s a standalone technology that automatically synchronizes lights to the beat grid of your music. With its industry-leading automated phrase detection, Engine Lighting delivers stunning light shows without any user interaction. Raise the fader, press play, and enjoy the show. As you’d expect, you can also use the touchscreen to override automations and add your own effects.

Touch the light.

It feels like magic when lights react to your touch, and even more so when moving heads follow your finger swipe gesture from side to side. The glorious HD touchscreens found in Engine DJ products offer an array of intuitive touch controls for Engine Lighting. Effortlessly trigger color overrides, strobes, UV, smoke, Autoloops, and Static Looks with a single touch. Adjust light intensity, and moving head position with a simple and familiar swipe gesture.

Incorporating lighting into your DJ setup has never been this easy!

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Engine Lighting Autoloops GUI

Change light show style

Access and trigger 32 beat synchronized light scenes or Autoloops. Grouped by music style, Autoloops are always activated in perfect sync with your music. Create your own or customize the default set with SoundSwitch desktop software.

Engine Lighting Intensity GUI

Adjust the light intensity levels

Raise and lower light intensity (brightness) with a simple finger swipe gesture. Lights can be controlled all together or individually by group. Intensity control allows you to dial in the perfect amount of light for your performance or venue.

Engine Lighting Position GUI

Reposition lights as needed

Put the light where you want it. The position X-Y grid allows you to select any of your moving head lights and change their position with a touch and drag gesture. This is great for making on-site adjustments to any of your preset positions.

Light up the Club, Festival, or House Party

Supporting DMX, Nanoleaf and Philips Hue lights, Engine Lighting is ready to fill your party or event space with audio synchronized lighting. Use Basic mode to start a house party or amplify your livestream mix session. When you’re ready to hit the road, unlock Pro mode to take control of the entire performance environment.

SoundSwitch Data Column Engine DJ

Export SoundSwitch data with Engine DJ

Use Engine DJ on your computer to export your SoundSwitch venue and light show data via the Sync Manager. From the track list, you can easily see which songs have custom or autoscripted light shows. Songs with auto or customized light shows will display a dot in this column. Download Engine DJ

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Advanced Lighting Simplified for DJs

Build your lighting rig and music synchronized light shows with SoundSwitch, the world's most advanced lighting automation software.

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SoundSwitch Hardware

Micro DMX

Simplify your lighting setup with a compact USB to DMX interface. Connect the interface to any available USB port on your Engine DJ hardware, and the DMX end to your first light fixture or DMX Splitter.

SoundSwitch Micro DMX Interface

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Control One

Level up your DJ setup with Control One - A Professional Lighting Controller for DJs. Connect Control One to any available USB port on your Engine DJ hardware for a true standalone audio and lighting experience.

SoundSwitch Control One Lighting Controller

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Technical Information

Engine Lighting Requirements

Discover the Engine Ecosystem

Looking for a guided tour of new Engine DJ features? Engine Academy provides quick tips and deep dive lessons to accelerate the learning process. Visit our YouTube channel to get started with Engine Lighting today!

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