Engine DJ OS

The embedded software platform that powers your forward-thinking DJ hardware

Engine OS device screen

Pinching to zoom on the touch screen

Multi-touch display with gesture support

Pinch, swipe, tap & drag …

High-definition touch displays offer familiar gesture and swipe actions to maximize workflow efficiencies. Pinch to zoom in and out of the waveform, swipe to load, drag and drop tracks into new playlists plus tap and hold to view more track info.

Internet-ready music streaming

Access premier music streaming services directly on Engine DJ compatible devices via Wi-Fi or wired connection without the need of a computer. Log in to your favorite music streaming service and start playing. Set and recall hot cues and loops as you would with physical media.

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Denon DJ SC6000 display Engine Lighting

Control and sync music with lights

Automatically sync your DJ set with DMX, Nanoleaf and Philips Hue Smart Lights. Simply raise the channel fader and press play to see the automatic and synchronized light show. Get creative by customizing the light show on-the-fly with a variety of touchscreen controls.

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Touch FX

Powerful effect combinations at your fingertips. Swipe in any direction to instantly create build-ups, drops, and transitions.

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finger on screen of Denon DJ PRIME 4+ engaging Touch FX
Engine DJ OS Sampler screen

Embedded Standalone Sampler

Load samples or full tracks to one of 8 sample slots and trigger with the dedicated Sampler pad mode. Adjust the main Sampler volume on screen or route to a channel to adjust the volume with the line fader and add EQ and FX.

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waveform view

Play two tracks from a single deck to make mixing between layers easier than ever

dual waveform
Clearly see both songs waveforms, track information and performance pad feedback in a single view
Engine OS with Key Match options

Harmonic mixing, made easy

Class-leading time stretch and musical key change/match producing sonically perfect audio reproduction at the most extreme tempo changes. Quick tap key change by semitone and key syncing with the press of a button.

Active Loops on Engine DJ Desktop & OS

Set Active Loops on Desktop & OS

Active loops can play an essential part in your creative DJ sets by automatically looping pre-determined sections of a song without you having to touch any controls. Set one at the beginning to create an extended intro to mix in, or set one at the end of a track to give you plenty of time to get creative mixing out. Set up to 8 Active Loops per track.


Automatically organize songs from all connected drives into playlists based on the criteria or rules that you specify.

New House Tracks creation window with criteria for new Smartlist

Create Playlists in the moment

Prepare, edit and manage your music directly from the hardware. With on-board Playlist management, simply select the tracks you're after, drag them to the desired Playlist and reorder as needed.

Record your mix

Recording your mix is easy

Record to any available media device, including the playback source. Once you’re finished, name your recording with the on-screen keyboard and save. (Standalone DJ Controllers only)

Lighting in Engine OS

Onboard lighting control

Control your lighting rig direct from your DJ hardware with Engine Lighting - no laptop required. Mobile DJs can control via DMX, while home users can link directly to Phillips Hue.

Ableton Link on Engine OS

Wireless or wired Ableton LINK

For the first time ever, DJ hardware can now communicate to external devices wirelessly using Ableton LINK with Engine DJ OS 2.0, opening a new world of creative possibilities.

Technical Information

Playable Media

Engine DJ Hardware

An ever-expanding range of Engine DJ compatible hardware

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Just like the OS on your computer, tablet or smartphone, Engine DJ is continually being upgraded with exciting new creative functionality and feature enhancements.

Check out the latest Engine DJ feature walkthrough videos on our YouTube channel.

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