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The world’s premier DJ software suite

Engine is a collection of leading software solutions for DJs and artists, providing innovating and forward-thinking features to consistently push the boundaries of creative music performance on a reliable, ever-evolving platform.

Engine DJ

Comprising of a Desktop and OS (hardware embedded) platforms, Engine DJ is the world’s first, and most advanced, creative platform for DJs. The OS platform powers innovative DJ hardware offering a unique selection of creative tools and control to enhance the DJ performance.  The Desktop application gives DJs an intuitive, streamlined solution to create, manage and prepare their music collections for performing on Engine DJ OS enabled hardware.

Engine Lighting

The world's first and only standalone lighting control for DJ hardware. With built-in lighting, Engine DJ devices automatically sync music with lights all from the unit itself. Simply raise the channel fader and press play to see the automatic and synchronized light show. When it's time to add a personalized touch, open the Engine Lighting panel to customize and control the light show on-the-fly.

Engine Lighting by SoundSwitch is compatible with DMX, Art-Net, and Philips Hue Smart Lights.

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