Engine DJ | Library Optimization - Drive Cleanup


Engine DJ | Library Optimization - Drive Cleanup

If you are experiencing inconsistencies with your Engine DJ drive, you may benefit from a Drive Cleanup. 

As you store more data on your drive, the processing power is forced to work harder to retrieve the necessary information. This can slow down your drive and make it less efficient. 

If you have experienced slow search speeds on Engine OS devices when searching for tracks, lagging waveforms, and other inconsistencies during performance, we recommend running a Library Optimization in Engine Desktop. 

To do this : 

  • Connect your Engine DJ drive to your computer. If your Engine hardware has a drive installed in the SATA bay, connect a USB cable from your unit to your computer and enter Computer Mode. 

  • Open the Engine DJ desktop software

  • Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of your screen

  • Select the Library tab

  • Scroll down to System and click on Run Cleanup next to Library Optimization. (The job may take some time dependent on your external drive speed, so be patient.)

  • Once cleanup has completed, connect the drive to your Engine hardware and you are ready to go!

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