Engine DJ | 4.0 Release Notes

Engine DJ | 4.0 Release Notes

Hardware (Engine OS)

New Features

Performance View

  • Deck view

    • Deck layout is now consistent between vertical/horizontal view as well as standalones/players.

    • Beat Phase / Beat Keeper now available as a switchable option on all devices.

    • Key Change Controls: Added Reset, Sync and enable/disable controls.

    • Pressing a deck’s BPM can now be used to assign the Lead status to a deck.

  • New Layout Manager - allows for deeper customization of views

    • Save and recall up to 3 different view layouts.

    • Press Shift + View on hardware to cycle through saved view layouts.

    • Independently choose between 2/4 deck and 2/4 waveform views (4 deck units only).

    • Players View options include: 1 Deck, 2 Decks Stacked, or 2 Deck Grouped.

    • Players can now swap deck and waveform positions using the Deck Swap option (SC5000/M, 6000/M).

    • The Performance Library is now able to be displayed in all view configurations.

  • Additional changes / improvements

    • Added the ability to adjust the position of the Playhead Position on the waveforms.

    • Performance Library, Performance Pads View, Toolbar, Load to Deck Screen as well as other elements have been improved and redesigned.

    • Added “Trainspotting Mode” (Ability to hide track title and artist from deck).

Library View

  • Redesigned Search Bar

    • Searching can be switched between entire collection and current playlist.

    • Search button is now in the same location in both the library and performance views for faster searching in all contexts.

  • Expandable Track List

    • The Expanded Track List shows a larger number of songs and displays full waveform overviews including cues and loops.

    • Playlist tree automatically collapses when focus is on the Track List

    • A button is available in the sidebar to manually expand/collapse the playlist tree

  • Effects

    • Touch FX Filter Echo and Filter Dub Echo now have an additional amount slider for better customization/control. 

    • FX buttons now flash when engaged.

    • Reset FX now sets all parameters to default.

    • Filter and noise sweep are now audible in CUE/PFL mix.

  • Reset Played Tracks

    • Played tracks can now be reset. Option available in Profile → Display.

  • Other Updates

    • 24 Hour Clock option now available in Settings → Device.

    • Increased recording volume on all units so that the recording level is more consistent. Prime 4, Prime 2 and Prime Go all have been boosted ~8dB.

    • Tracks can now be ejected from deck. Pressing Shift-Load on Consoles and Shift-Eject on Players will unload the current selected deck/layer.

    • Improved Beatport/Beatsource search (now uses latest search interface from Beatport).

    • Key sync feature is now available on Numark EOS devices.

    • Manual loop creation can now be cancelled mid loop creation by pressing the in button again.

    • 4.0 no longer supports updating collections from 1.x versions. Users will be prompted to first update to version 3.4 before updating to 4.0 if the collection is sufficiently outdated

Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where swapping FX or Touch FX channel assignments when an effect is active could result in pops/clicks
  • Fixed an issue where Prime 4 / Prime 4 + units search filters were unusually slow compared to other Engine DJ OS devices
  • Fixed an issue where some tracks would show up blank when browsing from a networked player
  • Fixed an issue where some streaming track would not immediately appear on deck once downloaded
  • Fixed an issue where moving a loop region could result in short audio dropouts
  • Fixed an issue where when opening the session’s first track in the grid editor, no waveform would be shown until a button was pressed
  • Fixed an issue where waveforms would stutter every 20 seconds
  • Fixed an issue where when using a computer as music source, updating playlists would not show updates on Engine OS devices under certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where the Echo effect would not engage if the amount parameter for Flanger or Phaser was previously adjusted
  • Fixed an issue where Dub Echo and Wash effect would jump in intensity when knob was around the 11 o'clock position
  • Fixed an issue where a track would be left in an unanalyzed state if the track was unloaded before the analysis was finished
  • Fixed an issue where Amazon Music download/decryption would be slower if music is already playing
  • Fixed an issue where navigating from a playlist to a prepare list and back again would cause the playlist position to be lost
  • Fixed an issue where Dropbox library would not download when switching user accounts
  • Fixed an issue where entering incorrect login credentials to a streaming service would ask users to “check their internet connection” instead of letting them know that the login is invalid
  • Misc. additional stability and performance improvements

Software (Engine Desktop)

Improvements and Fixes

  • Improved stability when copying / syncing tracks and playlists to external drives
  • Fixed an issue where a user's SoundSwitch library would get repacked to drive even if it did not get updated
  • Fixed an issue where Smartlists could disappear when moved to a different parent playlist

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