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We're excited to announce a new community space for Engine users to collaborate, discuss and get help on all things Engine. This new community space has been migrated from the Denon DJ forum community so is already packed with great information and community spirit.

What does this mean for existing Denon DJ forum users?

Your Engine Community login will now be linked directly to your inMusic Profile (created when you registered your Denon DJ hardware). If you've not created an inMusic Profile no need to worry, simply register for one on the Denon DJ website using the same email address you use for the forum and it will automatically link to your forum account when you login to the Engine Community.

Please Note: If you do have an inMusic profile and it's a different email to the one you use with the forum, we recommend updating your inMusic Profile email to the one you use for the forum first to ensure a smooth migration.

If you are still having issues please see our email migration post on the forum.

Once done, we highly recommend that you do register any of your Denon DJ hardware to your profile to take full advantage of the free trial and discount offers available.

Will my posts and settings be imported?

Yes, all of your comments, settings, and history will be ported over to the Engine Community, you won't need to do anything.

When will this happen?

This change will take place overnight from the evening of Monday 21st February 2022.

How can I access this new community?

You can access it directly via

We're anticipating a smooth transition with very little disruption to the community but if you do require our assistance, we are here to help! If you have any questions please contact us here for further assistance.

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