Introducing SoundSwitch Control One - Lighting Control For DJs

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Denon DJ PRIME 4 + SoundSwitch Control One

Tactile Lighting Control for DJs and Performers

Introducing lighting control into the DJ world was an exciting move for us with the launch of Engine DJ 2.0. Engine Lighting by SoundSwitch empowers DJs to take more creative control of their environment, as well as the music, with a simplified integration of lighting control on their Engine DJ compatible devices.

The next evolution of this creative movement is being led with Control One, a dedicated lighting controller for DJs that is compact, intuitive, and provides DJs with a hands-on lighting experience that's also compatible with Serato DJ and Virtual DJ.

SoundSwitch Control One Angle

Control One connects to a laptop running SoundSwitch but can also connect directly with any compatible Engine DJ hardware running Engine DJ v2.0 or higher.

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Check out our Engine Academy Getting Started video to see just how easy it is to incorporate the SoundSwtich Control One with Engine DJ hardware.

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